• Publications and articles:

      1967 -    Kensington Post
      The University of Kent (Canterbury) (Michael Lane M.A.)
      The University of Kent (incant- Canterbury)

      1969 -    Arts Review (London) (Barbara Wright)
              University of Essex (Essex Country Standard)
              Art and Antiques Weekly (Sheldon Williams)
              Vienna Express (Austria) (Franz Tassie)
              Ancient Gold in Erotic Surroundings
              Obelisk Gallery- London: Erotic

      1971 -    Herald International (Tribune)
      The Observer   (London)
      Art and Artists (London)
              Kensington Post (Lucy Milton Gallery- London)
              Arts Review –London (Cottie Burland)
              Review by Anthony Burton (author and journalist)

      1972 -    The Guardian- London (Sarah Freeman)
      Handelsblad Amsterdam (Hans Redeker)
      Haagse Post- Nederland (Holland)
      Het Parool- Amsterdam (Fanny Kelk)
      De Telegraf – Amsterdam (Ed Wingen)
      Week Programma Amsterdam (ekspo)

      1973 -    Five Artists Seriously – Critics comments by Georgina Oliver
      Tribune- London (Margaret Richards)
      The Connoisseur-London (Georgina Oliver)
      International Herald Tribune (Max Wykes-Joyce)
      Art and Artists (G.S. Whittet)
      Arts Review- London (Peter Fuller)
      Arts International (The Lugarno Review)
      Lucy Milton Gallery- critic’s comments (Georgina Oliver)
      Art and Artists- London (William Packer)
      Financial Times – London (Maria Vaizey)
      One man Museum Exhibitions- Critic’s comments (Georgina Oliver)
      The Guardian- Manchester (Merete Bates)
      The Guardian- Manchester (William Valley)
      Yorkshire Post –Ferens Art Gallery (W.T. Oliver)
      The Daily Telegraph – Manchester (Jane Clifford)
      Yorkshire Post (J.N.)
      Lincolnshire Chronicle  (Sybil Burgess)

      1974  The Connoisseur- London (Georgina Oliver)
      The News- Portsmouth
      Financial Times – London (Maria Vaizey)
      Arts Review Yearbook & Directory (The Year’s Art)
      Park Square gallery
      Ikon Gallery- Birmingham Review
      ICA seminar by Allen Barker on his paintings (Dr John Keat)
      L’art Vivant – Paris
      Ferens Art Gallery (Yorkshire Post)
      ICA Calendar
      Leicester Mercury ( Leicester Gallery)
      Haagse Post ( Nederland)
      Anarchist weekly Freedom

      1975 -    The Arts – Sunday Times (Marina Vaizey)
      Studio International Journal of Modern Art (Jennifer Oille)
      Contemporary Arts Society Art Fair – London, Tate Gallery
      Studio international Journal of modern art (1 page article by Allen Barker)

      1976 -    Structured Theatre ICA
      Time Out – Structured Theatre review
      Structured Theatre- Nuffield Theatre (Nicci Brown)
      The Guardian- Lancaster (Structured Theatre: review by P.A.K.)
      The Daily Telegraph – London (Structured Theatre: review by F.H)
      The Sunday Telegraph (Structured theatre by Nicolas Dromgoole

      1978 -    Gallery Morner – Stockholm (Dagens Nyheter by Olle Granath)

      1979 -    Australian Artist of Fame and Promise- New South Wales House London
      Australian Artist in England- Usher Gallery Lincoln (Commonwealth Institute)
      Gallery Grafica – Tokyo and Osaka

      1991 -    Mamiko Shibaski-  Japan Broadcasting Publishing Co. Ltd

      1996 -    T.N.T Magazine 2 page article by Tiffany Bakker (London)

      1997 -    The Guardian Guide (Bonhams)
      Kensington and Chelsea mail ( Bonhams)
      Evening Standard – London ( Bonhams)
      Chelsea News – London
      The Pink Paper – London ( Tom Lewis)

      2000 -    The Australian Magazine- Australia (Jane Cornwell)